4 Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip

While you’re traveling alone, then packing your bag in a light manner is not as important as packing the luggage smart. As your trip inconveniences enhances when you are on your own and have no one beside, you want to be ready for any situation that would set you back on your trip. The vital thing to keep in mind is that, the package items at the top of your luggage list have to provide you with comfort and convenience—and it should serve your more than just one purpose. So just leave behind the unwanted pants and light colored dress that you only wear once, and make sure that you are packing the items efficiently. Mainly, be sure you could manage your luggage with a single hand for a distance and for long time. Without having anyone to split the luggage carrying time with, just challenge yourself to see if you can walk down the steps and back without any problem. The main thing here is being able to keep your hands free, so that you can concentrate on what’s ahead and not what’s keeping you down.

So, here are the top-most items to pack for every solo trip.

Customized first-aid kit

Only you know what exactly you might need the most at major times, so run through your worst-case situations and when you think of it, first aid kit would be at the top of the list. For most of the people, this customized first-aid kit generally includes a fever tablet, eye drops, cold tablet, bandages and required ointments as per your skin condition. And mainly don’t forget to bring your daily multivitamins tablets to keep you strong on the trip.

Luggage monitor

If you have ever faced the situation of lost luggage, then you would agree that a luggage tracker equipment is a worthy investment and the main thing you have to carry while traveling. With this smart device you can track your baggage anywhere just by clicking your mobile phone, and even you could receive text messages upon landing at your destination that alert you to the location and status of your luggage belongings.

Money belt and Dummy wallet

While you are traveling with the companion, then you can just divide your pocket allowance as well as the credit cards between the two of you so that there is less impact and less chance of more struggling, if one of you gets robbed by chance. But in the case, if you are alone, you would surely assured that your valuables should not be placed in just one place. So it is always best to carry your cards and cash kept under your clothes. Furthermore, having the money on hand just to suffice your needs for that day keeping it in an simple wallet present on the front pocket, or in any cross body bag that is little bit tough to steal by a culprit. If you are robbed, then you can just give this dummy wallet away from you without giving up all your valuables.

Portable battery charger

This is your most important gadget as its the main thing you need that you can’t leave it behind. So make sure it is in your luggage before you are all set for a trip, or else you could be stranded in the middle of nowhere with your access to the world dropped. While you are travelling, more chances are that you will be taking pictures with your mobile phone and using more data than you normally do that can leave your battery dry within less time. So save yourself from the stress by purchasing a portable charger.